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Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

August 10, 2014 - Comment

  Espresso Without the Carafe! Cuisinart way which you could have your coffee on demand! The Cuisinart DCC-3000 Espresso on Demand dispenses one cup at a time with a very easy to make use of actuator. Cling as so much as 12 cups of espresso within the double-wall espresso reservoir. The straightforward to learn espresso

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Espresso Without the Carafe!

Cuisinart way which you could have your coffee on demand! The Cuisinart DCC-3000 Espresso on Demand dispenses one cup at a time with a very easy to make use of actuator. Cling as so much as 12 cups of espresso within the double-wall espresso reservoir. The straightforward to learn espresso gauge allows you to comprehend what number of cups of espresso are left, and the integrated charcoal water filter retains your espresso tasting nice. The DCC-3000 makes coffee straightforward– its absolutely programmable with 24-hour reinforce brew begin, programmable auto shutoff, self-smooth, and a 1-4 cup atmosphere to brew smaller quantities that additionally style delicious. Dispose of both the coffee and water reservoirs for straightforward straightforward up.

Observe:Espresso grounds/particles are amassing espresso container the place the brewed coffee exits the container, which prevents the gasket from sealing correctly when the dispense lever is launched. When/if this occurs, the valve should be rinsed with tap water whereas conserving the valve (placed on the underside of the container) open to flush any grounds/particles out.

Options and Advantages


Removable Water Reservoir
Detaches from unit for simple filling.

Drip Tray Plate
Detachable plate which holds the drip tray in position.

Drip Tray
Removable tray with grate to seize any excess espresso that does not dispense into mug and residual condensation from the brewing process.

Espresso Reservoir
Detachable double-wall reservoir retains as much as 12 cups of coffee hot for hours.

Charcoal Water Filter
Charcoal water filter eliminates chlorine, bad tastes and odors from faucet water.

Espresso Scoop

Coffee Gauge
Displays amount of brewed espresso ultimate in reservoir.

Hour and Minute Buttons
Used to set time of day and set time for computerized features.

Operate Knob
Used to provoke programming of automated features – Auto On, Auto Off, Software, Clock, and Brew.

Smooth Atmosphere
Tells you when it is time to smooth your coffeemaker. Postpone constructed-up calcification from the water reservoir to assist extend the life of your coffeemaker.

1–four Cup Atmosphere
Improves extraction, flavor and temperature when brewing fewer than 5 cups.


Dispenser Lever
For doling out espresso into mug or go back and forth cup.

Distributes water evenly over espresso, decreasing temperature loss as water passes via grounds.

Dispenser Light
Gentle comes on when meting out lever is pressed and coffee pours into cup.

Energy Loss Again-up Gadget
One-minute security towards shedding your programmed settings in case energy fails, breaker journeys or unit is unplugged.

Prepared Tone
Alerts the highest of the brew cycle with five beeps.


Gold-Tone Cuisinart Industry-Kind Filter

Filter Basket
Holds our business-model eternal filter or a paper filter. Detachable for simple cleansing.

BPA Free
All provides that come in contact with liquid are BPA free.

Straightforward to Use Keep an eye on Panel

Cuisinart Cuisinart

Coffee Gauge
Displays amount of brewed espresso closing in unit.

Clock Display
Shows time of day and Auto On and Off occasions.

Hour and Minute Buttons
To be used in environment hour and minute for time of day, Auto On time, and Auto Off time.

Operate Knob
Auto On
The Auto On setting applications the coffeemaker to activate at the time chosen, up to 24 hours prematurely. See “Software” below for guidance on ambiance time. Auto Off
The Auto Off environment means that you can device coffeemaker to shut off zero to four hours after brew cycle ends. Holds chosen time with the exception of you convert it. Utility
The Program perform is used to set the Auto On time. Make a Selection brew begin time with hour and minute buttons – LCD displays “PM” for afternoon and dead night brew starts. Holds selected time unless you trade it. Brew
The Brew function is used to begin the brew cycle immediately. Clock
Used to utility the time of day.

Audible Tone
An audible tone sounds 5 occasions when the espresso has comprehensive brewing.

Auto On Indicator Gentle

Clean Setting
Indicates time to wash coffeemaker to cast off calcium buildup.

1–four Cup Surroundings
Improves extraction, style and temperature when brewing fewer than 5 cups.

On/Off Button
Used to point out your coffeemaker on and off. Unit want to be on to software features.

Product Options

  • Dispenses one cup at a time with a very simple-to-use actuator
  • Press the lever to fill your cup
  • Detachable water reservoir
  • Double-wall espresso reservoir holds twelve 5 oz. cups of coffee
  • Detachable espresso reservoir for easy cleanup


Craigery says:

Good, but not for a coffee enthusaist Let me firs say, I used to work for Starbucks and was a Coffee Master. I am a bit of purist so I grade a machine a bit harder than the average joe.What I love:Cuisinart is one of the few companies that makes a coffee maker that brews at 190 degrees. (This is important because the flavor from your beans doesn’t fully extract if the water isn’t hot enough. This is usually one of the differences between a cheap coffee maker and a more expensive one. Cheap makers will heat the coffee hot with the hot plate, but it did not “brew” the coffee at the temperature it eventually gets to.)It doesn’t leak and the light when you fill a mug is a nice feature. All the parts come out for easy filling, rinsing, etc. YOu won’t be able to put this under a cabinet though because the top still has a lid that would be blocked.No leaks if the inside over flows or spills either! Any internal overflow drains into the drip tray which is a very nice feature…

Kathy Martin says:

Solid Carafeless/on-demand Coffee Maker Only had Cuisinart’s DCC-3000 for 4 days so really need more time for an evaluation. I’ve owned a few Hamilton Beach Brewstation carafeless models recently and I really like them. The Hamilton Beach units make great coffee but always develop leaking issues sooner or later. If you get to 2 years without a leaking issue you should feel fortunate.First, the DCC-3000 by Cuisinart is an entirely different level of machine. It’s very sturdy, well made and my unit purchased does not look like the picture in Amazon’s advertisement. It looks better. The power cord is VERY short, maybe 14-16″. Unless you use an extension cord you must locate it directly in front of a power outlet or in an area where it is not beneath an overhead kitchen cabinet. If under a cabinet, the cord just barely allows room to pull out from cabinet, lift the lid on top, and remove the coffee tank for cleaning, without unplugging the unit.The coffee dispenser turns on a soft LED light above…

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